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SSH Dock Icon by eternicode SSH Dock Icon by eternicode
A "big png" dock icon for SSH Secure Shell. I made it because I couldn't find an SSH dock icon anywhere else.

This is the first icon I've ever made; as such, it's not very high quality XD. Only after I made it in 72ppi resolution did I discover that most people use pixel resolutions of 200+.

If anyone makes a shinier version of this, let me know, I'd like to see it :)

Tools: Inkscape and The GIMP 2.2.13
Inspired by the original SSH Icon

I figured out the uber shiny glass trick thingy :w00t: ^_^

I still have the old icon if you want that one...but why would you want that one? Lol.

Did I forget to mention comments welcome? :?
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